Why when my dog licks herslf dose her fur turn brown?

Why when my dog licks herslf dose her fur turn brown?


If your dog is licking herself in the same spot excessively, the protien in her saliva will discolour the area to a reddish-brown colour. Check out the area to make sure nothing is abnormal about it. She could have some dry itchy skin that is bothering her.


Maybe she was just eating $hit earlier?


I think it is her saliva. I would give her a bath.


well, its fur could be getting wet, so that would make it appear to change color.


See it all the time in the grooming salon. Saliva causes the red staining and can not be washed off.. It has to grow out.


I have platinum blonde hair, when I wash it it turns more golden blonde, the darker fur is just her saliva.


i agree with the last one when my dog licks her fur it turns darker because of her saliva and i know what you feel i had the same worry when i first got my dog and so i feel where you are coming from


My dog has allergies and has had this happen, too. This color change can be caused by something called porphryin. Pophryin is an enzyme that occurs naturally in some dogs' saliva. The redness (or brownness) will occur where ever your dog can lick (feet, belly, private areas - or even around the eyes from tearing).

I'm not a vet, but what worked for my dog is soaking her feet in a mixture of vinegar and water for a few minutes and wiping any other areas that are you are not able to soak with the same type of solution (if your dog has staining around the eyes, a friend of mine simply wipes the area with cloth soaked with lukewarm water every day). There may be some other issues going on that you may want to call your vet about (my dog is also on allergy medicine).

Good Luck!