Why does my dog like sleeping on my clothes?

i'll leave a cardigan or something on the bed, and she tries to burrow into it then lays down on top. it's coz i smell awesome, right? sometimes i walk into my room and she's sleeping on my pillow.. wtf.


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Your scent is comforting to your dog. It is common among hunters that hunt with dogs, if a dog becomes lost in the woods, to leave articles of their clothing, a shirt, a jacket, even socks, at locations near where the dog was last seen. The dog will often find the clohing, and stay near it or lay on it until the owner returns later.

I once lost a dog, he escaped my yard, aparantly got to playing and running, and wound up in some woods several miles from my home. I had about given up finding him, when someone that had seen my flyers called, and told me he was hiding out in the woods near their home, coming up late at night to be near their dogs and eat food they put out. But when I went there, although I could hear him barking in the woods, he was so feaked he wouldnt even come to me. I left my jacket hanging on a fence in their backyard overnight. early the next morning I returned, and sure enough, he was laying on the jacket, which he had shredded, lol, I guess in frustration, and he immediately came to me.


My dog does the same thing! I'd like to think it's because she loves me so much...


Cause they smell like you and she loves you :)


It's because your clothes/pillow smell like you, and reminds your dog of you.


Actually it may be your smell. My dog actually digs through my pile of clothes to find one to sleep on and I realized that she finds one that I wore without cologne.


If you leave your clothes down,they lay on them to feel near you,your dog loves you and gets your smell on it by laying on your things.


You clothes and other things like you bed smell like you, so dogs tend to lay on them as comfort or just to feel closer to you. Many dogs do it because they are close to their owner and they feel safe wrapped up in their scent. :)


its your scent. you might not smell it, but to a dog, scent is what tells them if you are part of their pack or not. they get to know your scent SO WELL in their lifetime w/ you. lying on your clothes is just a way for them to kinda, in a way, feel closer to you, ya know? my dog does the same thing. so cute(: