Where is the best place to shoot a dog?

I don't want to pay £50 to have my dog put to sleep, but I have a gun and live in the countryside. Where on the dogs body is the most humane place to shoot it?


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Two inches above the eyes - straight in. Painless and instantaneous. Takes out the frontal lobes, the cortex and the brain stem. The dog will be dead before it hits the floor.

This is the medically accepted form of euthanasia practised by the Police in animal emergencies.


why wood u shoot a dog thats just mean


Umm... I know... Your head. =)


Listin her u should not shott a pour dog what did it ever do to u ar mean


50 euros is not a lot of money. Spare your dog the pain and be a responsible pet owner.


As against this as I am, I would have to say the direct center of the head.

That would eliminate any accidents of making the dog suffer.


Do you have a heart?

As a pet owner, theres no way on earth i could ever shoot my dog.

To the people answering, do not encourage this idiot.


I suggest you call a shelter and have them come pick up the dog instead of shooting it. You could say that you found the dog. They wouldnt charge you anything.