How do I convince my parents to get me a bunny?

Please help. I am responsible and my parents know I love animals and would never do anything to hurt a living creature. I have ALOT of B+ which I have to move up to A's soon. But I am really (kind of) responsible. I know it will take a while for them to say yes so I am going to work my magic all the way until July! My birthday is in July so I will prove I am responsible until my birthday. Any ideas though?


Don't try to nag your parents with how responsible you are. Prove it.

What I did was, first, research all the kinds of rabbits there were. I found that a Netherland Dwarf was best for me. They only grow to three pounds at the largest. The cage is small (about three or four times the size of my full-grown bunny), and we keep it inside the house, letting the rabbit run around free for a few hours everyday.

Show your parents you are serious about a rabbit, because they can be difficult to care for. You will have to make sure there is a bunny-specialized vet in your area. You will have to change bedding weekly, constantly make sure he has clean food and water, and clean his litter box daily or every other day.

Then tell your parents that you want [this] kind of rabbit, and you have been doing research and you will need [list of rabbit necessities], and that you found a rabbit vet in your area.

It may take time, but it is worth it. My rabbit is so incredibly cute and makes me and my mom so happy.


bunnies are great pets i have four of them and a lot of babies. all you have to do is strike a deal that is what i did. or you could hold out and be good :)


You have to prove that you are responsible. They have to know that you're going to feed it and give it water and attention. Bunnies are messy and you would have to clean it up to.


These are the steps:

1. Do more chores without asking

2. Make a report about them and present it to your parents.

3. Just show that you can own one!

They are great pets and this is how I got my bunny.

P.S. Sometimes you just got to listen to your parenrs:] Good luck!=P


You can't do it, because it is a bad idea.

Rabbits are much harder to care for and keep healthy then most people now. They should only be raised by people that have been trained to raise them. If you went through a FFA training program, or were graduated from a VO-AG high school, then it would be an easy decision for you and your parents, but if not then it would be a BAD DECISION.


You've asked this question twice and I know it. Don't talk about being all "responsible" and stuff because I have had 3 rabbits die by natural causes in a row. Rabbits are good pets but just take a lot or research BEFORE you just want something "fluffy and soft" and that "looks cute". I am a professional now and know my errors and have learned never to do them again. I am sorry, it just really makes me mad to see a bunch of kids wanting something that they probably don't even know how to hold right. Rabbits have to be held by the butt too, just to add.


To get my parents to get me a bunny (they actually got me one) I wrote a list of 30 reasons of why they should get me a bunny. I also did lots of research on their care and what kind of bunny I should get. Though I don't think that getting a bunny as a present is a really good idea. I think you should try to convince them to get you a bunny because you can take care of it. Not because you want one for your birthday and you should be the one to pick it out. I was trying to convince my parents to get me a bunny before christmas not on christmas because then it doesn't seem a present as much. I got my bunny Velvet a week before christmas and I don't regret it.


Bunnies are great pets but you they are a big responsibility and you have to clean their bedding every week. I would let the bunny get a daily exercise by building a playpen out in your back yard or inside.