Which dog wormer to use?

Hi - as per my previous question on micro-chipping, I have recently (accidentally) rescued a beagle puppy who is now approaching 6 months old. When I got her, the poor thing was riddled with worms which had led to an infection in her intestines. She has been to the vet and was of course cured with Drontal wormer along with Inceptor and antibiotics. However, due to the cost I no longer wish to purchase these meds from my vet when I can instead source from places such as 1-800-petmeds. My question is though, on reading up on the medications it seems that Inceptor is not only for heart worms but also treats and prevents hook worms,round worms and whip worms but not tape worms? Is there another broad spectrum wormer I could use that covers them all and then a seperate medication solely for heart worm prevention so that I am not overloading her little system? All advice much appreciated. Thank you.


Stick with the Interceptor to prevent heartworms and treat the common and most damaging gastrointestinal parasites--hooks and rounds. Heartguard plus would be another option for this as it treats hookworms and roundworms as well.

Tapeworms aren't something that should just be dewormed against routinely because they are only contracted in certain circumstances and by preventing fleas you prevent tapeworm infections. Only treat tapeworms if you are seeing segments on feces, your dog or where he lays.


i think that answear you can find on just search


Panacur should do it for you. And depending on where you are, most wormers are far cheaper if bought online.


I use Drontal Plus.…

it takes care of tape/hook/whip/and round worms.

Heart guard for heart worm preventative.


I'm sure a lot of people will say to take it to the vet and let them treat the worms but I got a dewormer at dollar general for 6 dollars and I swear by it. I've used it on all my dogs as puppies and all my friends have on their dogs. Great results. Worm free in 2 days.