What do you know about fish.?

I would like to say that half the people on here know nothing about fish in the first place, like saying that male bettas kill everything and that they can be kept in incredibly small bowls. Also advising people on awful stock selection, and not to cycle their tanks. So please if you have no experience or are just ignorant don't answer please...


Well, first off: I agree with you.

Second: I actually know a great deal about freshwater fish do too i am an Ichthyology major.I will finish in a year in a half.If you do not know what a Ichthyologists studies?I will help.

Ichthyology=scientist who studies fish.

Everyone has opinions bro,right and wrong.Just let it be.


While Technically I agree with you, I couldn't help but chuckle when I checked your answers and found this:;…

Dwarf Puffers are actually freshwater fish...


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Yahoo answers is not for ranting. If you don't have a question, do not post. For the people who give wrong information, Y!A has given us the thumbs down option.


If u do not have a proper question about fish then dont post stuff like this. Yahho Answers have given a a 'thumbs down' button if we think the information is wrong. So dont come expressing ur problems on here, go do it somewhere else.


i don't know everything but i bet i have been keeping fish longer than you have been alive ... this is a site for kids and adults ... people are not born knowing about fish ... i know when i started out i did some killing and stupid stocking ... how can you blame people when they go to the pet store and are given completely false information ... when i bought my 30 gallon tank for dwarf puffers the fish store tried to sell me 30 puffers "because they are such small fish" ... i post on here constantly that dwarf puffers need 5 gallons per fish and i am thumbs down every time ... two pet stores i go to think bettas should be kept in bowls and they have the most ridiculous reasons to justify why they feel that way ... most male bettas do kill everything ... maybe not all but most so what is the issue with that ? and stock selections, you can google the same fish and find several different websites that advise completely different things ... so a lot of time it is learn as you go ... and that is just life ... so please if you have no experience or are just ignorant, post your rant somewhere else ... who do you think you are, some fish god ?