Okay so my house is a two story. When you walk in the door you look up and the stair case is there like it has a open space where there are two sets of stairs. 15 steps total so cut that in half that's how are stairs are.

Earlier today my cat jumped on the ledge where you can you know hang your head over and look down at the door. Well instead of landing on the ledge he fell 20ft or a whole story! Fell on a little box at bottom of the stairs and slide down. He was going crazy. He was sooo scared. Ever since he is sleeping and sleeping and looks hurt. Nothing is bleeding. He usually jumps up on the ledge and is perfectly fine. What do i do!


Just because there's no blood doesn't mean he's not injured, he could have internal damage, get him to the vet ASAP!


Idk I'm srry idk check with ur pet hospital near you


take him to the emergency vet ASAP, he can be hurt!


He3 could have internal injuries. He needs vet care, friend, and soon.