Who has great dog potty training advice?

our pup is about 6 months old... shes a beagle/treeing walker hound mix (adorable)

but she has issues w/ potty training- like no other dog ive ever had before...

she had one other owner prior to us adopting her, when we got her she was totally, which i think is where the problem started... shes very smart- ive taught her many tricks so i know she HAS to be getting the 'go outside to pee' method but shes just not...

i take her out every two hours, hopefully she will go, if not i either leave her on the leash and try again within 15 ish mins... or i put her in her cage (if i am cleaning or doing things around the house) again for about 15 mins, and try again... but there are those moments when she is very sneaky and will just pee or poop. I even give her treats outside when shes successful.

shes just not consistent...

hoping for some additional advice? i thought about 'bell training' her (putting a bell at the door, training her to jingle it) maybe that will coax her more?




I keep a daily Journal and make sure to write down how much and when he ate/drank. I utilize what mother nature has given me in that a puppy's GI tract is very predictable. So I make sure to feed him three times a day at the same time and then I take him out right after he eats/drinks. I also watch him very closely to see if he is acting differently - like anxious and circling around, pacing etc and take him out then, also take him out before and after sleep, after play time. I also have the " potty bell" on the door. Be consistent and don't get frustrated and please DON"T hit him or rub his nose in it-he won't know why you are doing it anyway. Watch the dog whisperer on NatGeo channel.


Okay, so keep doing the giving treats when successfull. But discipline when she doesn't do good. NO DON'T HIT! I mean leave the room, yip, so on. Look up Victoria Stillwell. She could probably help lol.


The thing that caught my attention was a single word that explains your frustration...."BEAGLE." They are very difficult to train. You must firmly establish yourself as the pack leader first, and then she may begin to respond better.


1st thing first beagles are VERY stubborn LOL but the best way is when she pees make ur rub her nose in it then spank her (not too hard D:) it sounds mean but if your consistant it could very well work. petsmart has free potty training classes every once and a while contact them.


Maybe u should try using that pee pads. They are training pad that every few mins u talk ur dog and put her on it. You put the pads several places throughout the the house. Then eventually she will go on them by herself. Give her treats if she goes by herself. HoPe everything works out!