How do i get my min pin to stop jumping on the bed?

How do i get my min pin to stop jumping on the bed?


Be quick to block him when he looks like he's going to try to jump up, and continue to put him on the ground every time he succeeds. It might take several repetitions but eventually he will figure out that he's not going to get to stay up there, and he'll stop trying.


Mouse traps on top of bed.....But really block him from coming up and when he does say no firmly and put/push him down.


Close your door if you are not in the room to supervise him also.

the site below has good general dog info and training tips


What is wrong with your min pin being on your bed. if you dont want him on then buy him a dog bed and continue to put him in there and say stay. if he jumps on your bed give him a little push off the bed and say down firmly


Tell him no. If he still does it then he doesn't take you seriously. If he jumps up then bush his bum and gently force him until he jumps down. Do not lift him down he has to do it himself or the lesson is wasted on him. Then tell him no. If you mean it he won't hop up. If he jumps up again then keep repeating it till he gets it.


Give him plenty of attention when he is on the FLOOR and in his doggie bed. Make him see that staying on the floor = good things (treats and love). When he gets onto the bed call him off the bed and when he jumps of while he is jumping off say off (not screaming but in a clear voice) so he knows what Off means and he knows that its a good thing to get off.

if he jumps on there when you are going to bed try putting his dog bed near your bed with a pillowcase or something with your sent on it and a toy.