Does any body sell golden retriever puppies cheap? fl. 2011?

Hi, I have been looking for the perfect breed of dog and the one i made my mind up about is the golden retriever. Yes, I have had one before but we had to get rid-of him because we were moving. but I made sure he was in a loving home. He was the best thing that ever happened to me. I cried for 2 months straight! I just want another golden retriever puppy in my life again. I promise to give him all the love and care it could ever ask for. I'll take her on walks,feed her the right foods WITHOUT corn or by-products. I will only need for the dog to be cheaper NOT because I can't afford it, but because ( you might think its crazy but I don't I like to spoil my doggy! = ]) I was planning on spending a little more than 100$ on supplies and toys. please let me know if you are selling golden retriever puppies cheap or if you know someone who is. She will have the best-spoiled home ever!


Hey Kaylie, you actually sound like an informed and responsible dog lover. I do have to agree with the other answer though, is there any reason you are opposed to adoption? There are many purebred labs that are just as good in shelters for only around a 100 to 200 dollar adoption fee, possibly less.

You would be rescuing one and it would be forever grateful. You could call your local shelters to see if they have any retriever puppies in, or maybe they have an adult who you'll fall in love with. If you really want to hold out for a puppy, definitely check out petfinder or adopt a pet and put in your location. There are tons of puppies listed, possibly within driving distance of you. A shelter dog would LOVE to have an owner like you.

I'm not judging you if buying a puppy is what you really want, but it just seems like adoption would be the better choice for you from what you have said here. If you do intend on buying, make sure the breeder is registered, has references, has done genetic testing, and breeds to improve the breed.

Sorry to say but you won't find a good breeder for cheap. They are expensive because to be a responsible breeder, often you put more money in than what you get out. Backyard breeders could be selling golden retrievers for 500 a pop and it will sadly have a world of health issues because all they care about is money. Be careful when looking. Good luck! :)


for a cheap dog, check out shelters. Sorry but cheap means your going to spend more in the long run on the dog. the breeder may not have had any of the pups checked out by a vet, provide little grooming care, the list goes on. Cheap also usually means they may very well be sick pups or sold much too soon to be away from the mother. small dogs 10-12 weeks of age large dogs 8 weeks is ok to leave.

how can your home be the best spoiled home if just a few lines before that you think no more than $100 is good for toys and chews and you don't spoil your dog? I do have to laugh at $100 expecially for a puppy in the first year. your going to be going through toys, changing them out or they become bored and chew other things.


go to


the only place you will get a dog "cheap" is shelter or rescue


adopt. there are a lot of pure bred goldens in shelters. it doesn't mean ther

s anything wrong with them though.


Over the life of a dog (ten years or more) what costs money is food and vet bills. Do you know a vet who will work cheap?


try kijiji, that's where i got my dogs :) watch out for puppymills though


Dear, you don't want a cheap golden. A cheap one will have bad hips, bad skin, be hyper and who knows what else. You get quality if you pay for it. The best toy a dog could have is YOU, so save that $100 for toys and buy a good quality dog and get it good veterinary care! Don't forget about pet insurance!