My dog is phsycotic spaz?

my dog is a boston terrier/ pitt bull mix and is about 4 years she supposed to be very energetic? and if so, how long will it take for her to be more calm?

also, what are great ways to get her calm when she has a spaz attack?

btw-she is spayed and up to date on her shots


A bored dog will be a psychotic spaz. The dog needs exercise and then she'll behave better. She needs long power walks, and energetic games of fetch. Give her toys that you can hide treats in to entertain her in the evening. Most of all, she needs walks or trips to the dog park to use her energy in a more appropriate way.


Do you think her behavior is imitative? When she has an "attack," I'd go to another room and ignore her.


Your dog is a Terrier. Terriers need lots of exercise. Give the dog more exercise.


your dog is not a "spaz"

she's an energetic dog- who needs MORE EXERCISE

She is a terrier mix all the way.. terriers are energetic dogs. She may not "calm down" until her senior years.


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