Is bubble bath bad for my puppy?

I was having a bath about an hour ago and I had a bunch of bubble bath in it, and then all of a sudden my little golden retriever puppy jumps in and starts paddling around! She seemed to really enjoy it so I let her stay in for a few minutes, and then I got out and took her out and I dried her with a towel. Was this bad for her? Do you think it's bad for her skin or going to make her itchy? She seems fine, I just don't want it to cause her any problems.



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Dogs don't need "bubble bath". All they need is water and some dog shampoo.

Bubble bath helps humans to relax. For dogs, it will just be more suds you'll need to rinse off the dog and possibly dry & irritate the skin and coat! This time won't hurt her since it was only once but don't make a habit of it!


Fact or Fiction

Call it myths or old wives tales, most of the time there is but a grain of truth in the do's and don'ts of doggy facts.

How many times have you heard the one that says "You shouldn't bathe a dog more than twice a year!" That it destroys theirs coats. Well now, if that little titbit were true, those POOR show dogs with their glorious coats would be bald. With dog shows every weekend and more, those purebreds are bathed at a minimum once a week.

This myth came about when shampoos consisted of a bar of lye soap and a lake was used instead of tub with warm water. Long before grooming shops and ph shampoos and conditioners for dogs bathing your dog routinely this way would have caused dry skin and dull coats. It is reasonable to say that these dogs did not receive regular brushing either. The truth comes in on this myth when you don't use conditioning shampoo and or conditioners. Harsh soaps can dry a coat. If you bath your dog like a show dog would be bathed, once a week, then you MUST compensate the natural oils his skin produces to condition his coat, with quality conditioners that are ph balanced for dogs. I recommend using a dog shampoo but if you use people shampoos on your dog, please nothing stronger than baby shampoo. Dogs have sensitive eyes too so buy the tearless kind.


She'll be fine. No harm. That must have been cute lol. :)


Keep an eye on her, be sure to rinse her off well and dry her well to prevent "hot" spots. Puppy's are so fun!


Yes, they might eat the bubbles or snort bubbles up their nose.


No its not bad.She'll be fine,don't worry.


Yes that's bad for her skin and coat. Don't make a habit of it.


Hope it wasn't too hot. Your dog loves to have fun and get in to everything, expect worse! Stop them from doing it though. For your bath sake!


Yes if the pup drinks the water which he will it can poison them. Only use puppy shampoo!