If you had unlimitted money...?

to spend on one horsey item, what would that item be?

For me, I would get a custom saddle. I have weird body type (short and curvy, but very muscular), and I can never find a saddle that fits me.

So what would it be?


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I would start a humongous rescue organization. I would have good, no, great vets, farriers and trainers to come in and insure that the horse finds a great, loving home.

There would humongous pastures, lots of stalls, nice arena, a few good round pens, a big tack room and feed room, huge shed things for hay, a heated "wash" room with heated water (for horses) and lots of TLC.


I find that the horses spend my money as if it were unlimited.

Now if I were as rich as Rockefeller I'd do what the Rockefellers did, and install driving roads on several thousand acres of land, with neat stone bridges. I'd get a whole fleet of carriages, and a bunch of excellent driving horses, complete with grooms and drivers, and ... Oh my, I can't even begin to figure it all out.

Instead, we have occasionally gone driving with pair or four-in-hand at Acadia National Park in Maine, on the roads constructed by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. between about 1914 and 1940. The Park and portions of the Rockefeller estate are open for carriage driving. No autos are allowed on the carriage roads.

But if I had the unlimited funds... well, ...


bugatti veyron super sport i would get like 50 of them


I am not in to horses but I would a lot of land for the horses to run free in.


Start up the worlds largest horse rescue association. Love rescuing horses, its my passion!


if i had unlimited money i would buy my horses a BIG pasture with a heated barn on the land.


I would get a $500,000 showjumper. I already have custom fit saddles though :P


Custom jumping saddle.

Ultimate comfort for me and my horse!


Sounds nice, too bad I don't have unlimited money. Lol