Why do hamsters bite if they bite?

I was wondering if a hamster bites why does it?


You need to let it get use to you, if you are afraid of it wear welding gloves it can't bite through those and when a hamster bites you it knows you are going to put it away and then they see that they got what the wanted to be put down, so if you wear those welding gloves and they bite it won't hurt and you don't put them down and then they will get use to you holding them and not putting them down right away then you can take off your gloves and let them smell you then start holding them regularly.


the hamster probably feel threatened and is scared it just has to get used to you


Its scared of you, it's trying to protect itself. you have to remeber your about 100 times bigger than he is.


It probably hates you

Mine hates me


Hamsters have terrible eyesight and nibble your hand to find out what it is. Make sure to wash your hands before handling her so she doesn't think your ham is food.


my mom had a hamster when she was a kid and they bite my mom said that they are mean they always bite you i had a mouse 3 years ago im getting another this week there reallyyyyyyyyyy sweet you should get a mouse


hamsters are prey animals, like most small animals in general are. This means that larger animals often swoop down or strike at hamsters and kill them, meaning the only way that they can have some form of self defense against a predator is to bite. if they bite, it's because they see you as a predator and are scared. They won't bite as they get used to you, though.