How do breeders register imported dogs with registries like the AKC?

i was reading an article in the library of my school about people desiring to bring in new lines to add to the current AKC ones. with particular breeds in mind to increase diversity even farther with more exotic breeds.

i know some breeders that have done this for instance with the beezer's bringing in dogs from Spain and many bringing in pharaoh's from other country's

how do they end up registering them with the AKC? O.o?


you can transfer registration from a foreign registry to AKC and have the dog dual registered..…

there is a list of accepted foreign registries there on the link..

there are some domestic registries that are accepted as well to dual register with AKC..…


You have a form that you must fill out.


AKC has reciprocal agreements with other reputable kennel clubs around the world. Provided the paperwork is in order they will register each other's dogs.