When will the eggs hatch?

When will the eggs hatch?

I have two lovebirds and they have 5 eggs right know , im not sure when theyll hatch the first egg was laid on Jan 8th/11 and the last around the 22nd how many weeks or days does it take it to hatch? Before it was their first time and the eggs werent fertilized so we threw them away soo this is 2nd time so I want it to be perfect ,like what temp should they be , how are they taken care of when they hatch.. (Sorry for lots of questions) can someone answer that has gone through this and is a breeder :) THANKS !


it will take aprox. 29-30 days for your eggs to hatch also i encourage you to buy a lovebird hand book the baby's should stay with their parents for the most part. best of luck and i encourage you to do some research on breeding birds and hand raising them