When will my platy give birth?

i need to now when my pregnant platy will give birth i have a video of it at

plz help


You have a very pretty Red wagtail platy. She definitely looks pregnant. I can not tell how long it will take for sure but she is big so I would guess within a week. Watch her to see if her stomach starts to look more square instead of rounded, she hides more than usual or stops eating. These are usual signs that they will give birth soon.

I have three female platies and a female balloon belly molly. Two of my platies gave birth when they did not even look that fat. I was surprised that they were even pregnant yet and even more surprised to see little babies swimming around. My molly gets HUGE before she gives birth.

Good luck with your fry!


well , very good question .. HMMMM

i got bunch of fish in my 75gal. tank buht some were pregnant. . They died cuz it wont come out...

BTW, maybe a few weeks be patient.