A breed of dog that doesn't bark alot?

i would like a medium height dog, i don't like the toy type and it's going to spend a lot of time outside until i get home from school and can play with it and everything. i have a small/medium fenced in back yard and all the things for a dog/puppy but i have close neighbors who i know will complain if the dog barks too much and things of that sort. i've been wanting a dog for a long time, and i really need personal opinion instead of the internet to tell me what types of dogs are best.


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One word- Labrador

Ive got 2, one of them is an antisocial so and so but the other is reeeeeeeeeaalllllllly nice. they are the perfect family dog.

If you dont like barking then dont go for jack rusells or small dogs, but if you have small fences dont buy a whippet! (past experience)

Labradors love walks and are soooooooooooo cute.

hope i helped


i got a french bulldog! he weighs 27 lbs, is sweet, loving, and is funny and he knows it! lol... same situation as u


My friends had a Chow that never seemed to bark.


Maybe something like a Newfoundland, golden retriever, rottweiler, or a bloodhound


A monkey, they don't really bark.


Basengi - Medium to large depending the parents they don't bark they yodel


A basenji they yodle and dont bark at all or a beagle they howl and are small.


If your are willing to get a large durable breed get and Akita they bark only when they kno they have to they never bark for no reason trust they are awsome elegent dogs.


Basenji's don't bark at all....they chortle. It is a very...different sound.

For most dog breeds though, it is down to training, not the breed itself. If breed is not an issue, look at mixes at the shelter or

A well-exercised dog that gets plenty of attention and training will be less likely to bark.