Have you seen the video of the girl squeezing the cat until it dies?

Someone sent me a link to an article talking about a video a little chinese girl made where she is squeezing a cat until it dies, for no real reason.

Link to the article:

In other cultures, people do many things that we don't understand. That's what multiculturalism is all about: respecting other people's choices.


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Oh here you are again - a new account the SAME link again and the EXACT same wording. You're a VERY sick individual. You're completely twisted if you think ANIMAL ABUSE should ever be "respected". This has NOTHING to do with "other cultures".

Please click REPORT on this person, everyone. And get yourself into COUNSELING.


I don't think that has anything to do with culture. thats cruelty to the EXTREME


meh just a past-time... a sick and twisted one


OMFG! wat da fuch is wrong wit chinese ppl!!…


Huh, right on for them I guess, whatever floats your boak and sinks your sub is what I always say!


Ohmygosh, thats so so cruel.. I didn't even wanna look at it, I wish I wouldn't have.


I know it is so sad that girl is mean


NNOOOOO! i didnt even click the link because i know i would've cried for a year or at least a week straight. why did you tell me thaatt? now i am completely depressed! X'(