How to deal with my new roommate's dog pooping indoors?

We recently had a new roommate move in with her small dog. Everything was working out fine but her dog started pooping indoors near the door to the outside. It was understandable- we needed to pay better attention to when the dog needed to go out/ get a doggie door/ wait until he adjusted to his new surroundings. Then the dog starts pooping exclusively in my room ( far from any door to the outside) and peeing in the living room. Now I need to know how to address it with my roommate in a delicate way that isn't offensive, come up with some ideas to make sure it doesn't keep happening, and address any potential objections she might have. Help!


You could try talking to her about puppy training pads and keeping the dog on a regular food and water schedule. If you and your room mate are out of the house a lot, the feeding schedule is very very important. It can help you predict when the dog will need to go so you can be around to take the dog out. I would also suggest a crate to your room mate. The food schedule along with the crate will make it easier to train the dog to only go outside and at certain times. It may seem cruel to your room mate to have her pet locked up when you two are away, but it will work the best. Dogs are very resistant to soiling the area they are going to be in for extended period of time (ie, a crate) and will wait until they are released to go. Once you have the dog on a schedule, you won't have to keep it crated when you leave.

Now, how to bring it up to your room mate? That's tougher, since people are very sensitive about their pets and their pets behavior. Try to be a gentle as possible. Point out that the dog is defecating in inappropriate places and then suggest the feeding schedule. Maybe the two of you could walk the dog together and discuss what to do when you are out with her. puppy pads, feeding schedule, and crate training.


i would tell her if she dont have the time to train and take care of her dog, then she should wait to get one till she have, and it takes a lot of work to have one

and yes i would seriously say that, the dog cant so i would though in a polite way, but none the less i would say the truth

and i have done similar things in the past, and will again in the future if needed

got some objections as first and then an admision i was right

make sure she wash up all the mess it make, do not do the work for her, if she dont understand what it takes, its time she learns


Close the door to your room when you aren't there to guard it! Tell your room mate to keep the dog on a routine so it knows when it can go outside to empty its bowels and bladder.


Dont worry.

The dog is just marking its territory in the new enviroment.

Every time it poops inside put it outside in the garden for 5 miniutes and give it a firm NO.

Let the dog out every half an hour to make sure it doesn't need to go.

This should work.

I hope it helps!

Good luck :)


why would this not need to be offensive? Are you not offended by the dog crap in your room? The simple truth is, they own a pet, and are not taking responsibility for it's actions. If it were me, I'd lock the dog in their room, and toss every turd left in my room, back into theirs. Another persons dog constantly crapping in someone else's room is not acceptable.


Well if this dog is in this household all people have to work together sorry this is now just as much your responsibility as the owner. If this doesn't make you happy then tell the roomy to start looking for a new home. As for the dog pooping closes doors confine to the kitchen or actually put the Playstation or Xbox controller down and let the dog out. Most dogs do things to try and tell you they need out you are all missing the signs.