My dog is attacking my mom's feet what should I do?

He attacks my mom's feet,but he only licks mine. Is something wrong with him?P.s. he also steals things


two things to do--first put a leash on him in the house--if he goes to bite at her feet then either have her step on the leash near the collar (but not on any part of him) or you step on it as close to the collar as you can get and try to get it under the ball of your foot. Stand on the leash for at least a minute after he stops attacking. This will make attacking her feet stop being fun for him. He should give it up in a week or so. If he goes back to biting her feet put the leash back on him and step on it again.

the growling at you for the item is called resource will need to teach him a command called "leave it". To begin have a source of small (1/4th inch square) treats that he is interested in but not crazy for. Offer him something to take (not the treat) that he is somewhat interested in (but not super interested in it). As he goes to take it show him the treat in the other hand and say firmly Leave It. If he moves his head toward the treat then drop it on the floor immediately and say good boy in an excited voice. Offer the item repeatedly and treat each time he loses interest in it and looks at the treat instead. when he will willingly forego that treat for a few days then pick something he values a little more and use the command with that--keep trading up until you find something he is reluctant to leave for the treat--now move to a more exciting treat (a tiny piece of string cheese is often good) and get him to leave it for that treat. After about 10 days you also need to start making him leave the item twice before treating and then 3 or 4 times (alternate this with every time or every second time treating).

Walking him three times a day will help--two walks should be 20 min or more and the third should be 40 min or longer. I would also enroll him in dog obedience classes that use positive reinforcement methods. see the site below for good tips


kick him


everytime he does that! lock him out side! he wont do it again trust me! do it again and again! till he gets used to the idea that if he attacked any1 anymore he will get locked-out!


Well I have a puppy similar to that but i learned that to get him to stop you can't be scared. At this age his bite doesn't hurt so when he does try to bite. Grab him by any part of his body to you and hold his mouth shut. His biting also may show that he wants to play with you and is feeling bored.