Is my bearded dragon acting strange?

I got him about a month ago and hes 5inches long. Hes not really the active type, like he'll walk on my bed and alittle bit in his cage. But he would mostlikely wanna be held by me. I rarelly see him drinking from his bowl, only when i drip some on his face. And he never eats any lettuce i give him or carrots just when i hand feed it to him. About 3 days ago he started shedding and we got him a new big cage to run around by all he likes to do is sit on his rock? But im guessing he does that cause the light is right there? Also he bobs his head around when walking in his cage. Please tell me if hes alright. And give me a scheldule of what his diet should be. And when to hold him. And give me other veges and fruit he can eat byside lettuce and carrots. And what to put in his cage and the light temputure. Thank you soo much :)


Bearded dragons dont really run around their cages often, only when they see food are they active. I have 14 bearded dragons with my boyfriend they never move only when they see the crickets! They made for pooping, eating, and basking. They are pretty cool pets however. Anyways as for the head bobbing its what they do to show dominance. Or like this is my territory, so hes perfectly fine. To make it easier I just feed mine Dole's Spring Mix you can get at your walmart or grocery store. You can hold your dragon when ever you want. If your waking him up while he's still cold he wont be as active and if you hold him while hes warm he'll probally move around alittle more. For my cages I use reptile carpet or newpaper. I dont use sand because they can ingest it and get compacted. Meaning the sand blocking food from going threw. As for lights you should have 2, one for heat and the other for UVB. If they dont get UVB their bones will liquidize and die, its a painful death. You want the basking spot to be around 95-105 degrees and the cooler end of the cage around 85. If you have any more questions just email me =)


its probably because he is shedding but tops feeding the dragon lettuce it shouldn't eat lettuce maybe feed it kale mustard greens but absolutly no brocoli but movement lsards having normal bowlkeptmentls and mist him more but keept temp pretty highif that fasils go to the vet