If my puppy ate corn on the cob, should I be worried?

I have a 5 month old golden retriever and the other day she ate a cooked corn on the cob (not the leaves). Up until today we've had no problems. Today she started to get diarrhea and she's been rushing out to the bathroom every so often because it's so bad. My dad is really starting to worry about it as I showed him some stuff online and how it could cause blockage... but the vet is not open today. I'm really starting to worry and I really don't know what to do? We have special food for diarrhea but I don't know if that will be enough? Help?!


As odd as it seems, runny diarrhea IS a symptom of intestinal obstruction at the lower end of the small intestine. Your puppy needs to see a vet as soon as you can. An intestinal blockage can quickly become fatal.

The sooner that you can get him to a vet, the better his chances of recovering, AND the less expensive it will be. If you wait too long, extensive surgery will be the only treatment option, as parts of the intestinal wall will become gangrenous (due to lack of blood flow) and have to be removed.

The cob is terribly dangerous for a dog, as it is a major cause of obstruction.


it will be sick for a while and have diarrhea. for the diarrhea give a little bit of pep-to bismol it will be fine i have don't it Before it will be fine.


Yes. I forget where I read it but somewhere I read that corn cobs are one of the things that most often need surgically removed from dogs.

If she doesn't have her adult teeth yet it's doubtful she chewed it up enough for it to pass.


im not a vet or a doctor but if it blocked passages i dont think he would be rushing out to use the bathroom very much. the other day is saw a little dog (it was a chiwawa) eat a little bit and it was fine. If. id say he would be fine but if it continues id take him to the doctor tomorow. theres corn in almost all dog food so yah


The dog does need to see a vet as soon as possible.

A corn cob does not break down and it certainly can be causing a blockage.

Under those circumstances then I wouldn't be trying to stop the diarrhea as if there is a blockage then at least her waste is getting through.

You need a veterinary diagnosis on this as soon as possible.


A chunk of cob could indeed cause a blockage but since your puppy is having diarrhea, she is not blocked. Feed her canned pumpkin or canned winter squash (NOT spiced pie filling). If her stools are still runny by Monday, vet. Chances are she ate some other human food, not just the cob. Or she could have parasites or a viral infection, if she is not up-to-date on worming and vaccines.


What I'd be most worried about is that she gets dehydrated - make sure she has plenty of fluids at all times. It's also been my experience that when my dog gets an upset stomach she eats grass to help settle her tummy, so if your puppy starts doing so let her eat it. If she gets worse take her to the vet the next day or to the local er vet. But I wouldn't worry too much about blockage as that doesn't seem to be her issue.


If your dog starts to act sick, refuse food, and throw up, then you need an emergency vet to take xrays to see if there's a blockage. Please don't give your pet human medications. If you call your vet's office, they should have another number for you to use. Most vets have after-hours rotation schedules, or they have an emergency hospital in the vicinity for clients to use on weekends. Of course, it costs more than regular hospital hours, but with a family pet, you have to expect an emergency here and there.

Most dogs that are blocked seem very sick.

We have removed corn cobbs via surgery at the vet hospital where I work.