Can cats be hurt by the sun?

I have two pet outdoor cats and one of them is mostly black and the other mostly white. They both love going outside but it's over 30 degrees Celsius in the sun and 25 degrees in the shade. I'm more worried about my black cat since she becomes hot to the touch when out in the sun. Are they in any danger? Will the sun make them sick or sunburn them? Advice?


I'd be more worried about the white one, it would be more likely to burn. specially on tips of the ears and end of the nose (where you can see pink flesh showing).

I've used suncream on those areas before just to stop me from worrying! x


Yes. Sunlight can definitely burn their skin. White cats are more susceptible to sunburn because of their lighter skin. I'm guessing your black cat feels so warm is because black absorbs sunlight, while white reflects it. Which do you feel better in on a hot day? A black t-shirt, or a white one? (Any exposed skin is more likely to burn. Especially the pink skin of a white cat! Think their ears and nose! My siamese cat has a black nose, and that burned while he was inside, basking in the sun. You should keep your cats inside. Besides keeping them away from the hot, burning sun, you're keeping them safe from the dangers outside. (cars, other animals, disturbing people who would harm them, etc.)


The uv rays affect theys skin from the light did you not know.


of course.I have cat on the backyard of my house .It's stay in his little house tell dark come .It's hide from sunlight all the day.the sun make them tired and hurt their eye.