Training a wild 4 year old quarter horse filly.?

Okay, I have a man who wants me to train his 4 year old 100% green quarter horse filly. I just would like a few tips on taming her, don't get me wrong I have tamed quite a few horses(over half of mine used to be wild) I just would like a faster method, last time I tamed a horse it took me over a week. Do any of you have a good fast method? I do NOT want to make her more wild by choosing to try to tame her the wrong way.

Thank-you much, Lola


There really is no "fast" method. You can not, can NOT rush taming a horse. If you do your just going to make it scared and not want to be touched. You have to work at it patients and consistence will pay off in the long run. If you want a "fast" method you could try join up....Although I am not sure how that would work because I have never done it on a four year old green broke horse. Just spend time with the horse petting it, grooming it and walking it. You need to have a bond built before you try anything drastic as the horse NEEDS to trust you before ANYTHING happens.

Good luck!


If you have to ask you have never trained a wild young horse...


I sense a troll. There is no such thing as a faster method for properly training a horse.


I wouldn't change your method unless you have a better than that. Taking a week to break a horse isn't that bad. Some horses are more eager to train than others, but breaking a horse without killing it or you takes time. Unless this is going to be a cow pony that the guy is just going to throw in his remuda. In that case, saddle him and buck him out until he gets tired.


Hey sis, I haven't seen you in a really long time. But I would if I were you train her like you did Shatan, just take her out in a round pen and join up with her just like Baylen said. Make sure that you spend alittle time with her though before you take and try and join up with her, Shatan took alot of alone time just to get accustomed to the smell and look of you, and also remember that no horse is the same as another it takes alot of patience for some and it takes hardly any for others just be safe and make sure that you don't spook her to much when you work her, it could ruin your reputation for training horses and could get you seriously injured.