Is this young for a puppy to be hiding bone ?

We have two border collie pups that are 18 weeks old , just witnessed one of them burying his bone ! Then coming back an nicking his sisters to eat :-) so cute an funny at same time ? Is this young to be doing that or normal ? Don't matter really either way just so cute !


Deffinitely not, especially with border collies. they are in the top 5 most intelligent dogs currently recognized by any respectable kennel club. it shows that your dogs are on a nice path :)


No my puppies do that too.


Nope,not too young but puppy you have there. :D


No, it's not too young. Doesn't surprise me a bit.


It'snormal. I remember a puppy I had that was too small to dig a hole so covered up her bone with grass.


Some dogs hide bones, others don't. Border collies are very smart and your pup is following instinctive behavior. I have an 11 1/2 yr. old German Shepherd who has always done this, and then another one who never does it. One eats them as soon as possible, the other hides them and a week later goes and digs it up and enjoys it (ugh)... the muddier the better.