Help with a pet rock?

im bored so im gonna go outside and get a pet rock

i just need a few answers

what size should it be

what type of home should i make it (something easy)

wat color should i paint it

wat does it eat

wat time do they sleep

Please Help!


Pet rocks need plenty of love, in order to actually get one you must make a lot of commitment. Rocks usually prefer to be a color that suits their personality such as if its a misbehaved evil rock it will prefer to be red if its a shy sweet rock they will want to be light blue. Rock dias are very complex. They eat a variety of cereal such as lucky charms and trix. This is why the rock population is endangered because rocks can't get this diet out in the wild. As for their home they will want to be in a warm grassy box! Hope I helped! :-)


The size of the pet rock should match the size of your penis, therefore go for a miniature size for you.

I have found that a cardboard box does them just fine.

Paint a nazi symbol on it if you want a controversial pet rock (more fun than your usual pet rock)

They eat children.

And they never sleep.

Hope that helped.


Please don't just walk outside and get a pet rock. That is taking a creature from the wild, which will disturb the ecosystem. Instead, many places are sheltering rocks as pets, waiting for those who will adopt them.

If you're a first time owner, go with a small rock; they tend to be easier to take care of.

The rock can just live in your regular house, but it needs a very comfortable bed to sleep on. They sleep for longs periods of the day, to build up energy to do rock stuff. Generally, they sleep about 2/3 of the day, and if they don't have enough sleep they will get CRANKY.

Rocks, of course, eat pet rock food. if you don't know what this is, it is gravel. They are carnivores.

Don't paint it; that would be like painting a cat or something.


A pet rock can be a very unpredictable creature. It can be calm and serene one minute and be trying to conquer the world the next. Rocks eat almost anything that you press them up against, if you do it for several centuries straight. They enjoy golf, tennis, an occasional movie, their popcorn during the feature presentation should be only lightly buttered and salted, while it should the heavily buttered yet non-salted while they are watching the previews. During their teen years they will need guidance and a firm hand to give them the sense of security they need during that developmental stage of their lives. Most people choose not to get involved with a pet rock when they learn about the terrible mid-life crisis that most rocks go through. However, their sensitive and loving nature really makes up for the hard times. Sometimes the pebble poop can get a little excessive, but the are quite, they never speak unless spoken to . . . or even if spoken to, and they will never leave you nor forsake you; that is unless you throw them.

Go get one as soon as possible!!!!! Pick wisely, because this will be your only friend for life