Can i give my dog prawn crackers as a treat?

hi, my dog is mad for prawn crackers and ive only ever let her eat a few but i was wondering if it is ok to give a dog something like that


A couple every now and then will not hurt your dog. But, I wouldn't make them a large part of the dog's diet.


i don't see why not.


I don't see why not. They should not hurt your dog. But, I wouldn't give him more than a few at a time.


Prawn crackers are cooked in oil... literally you throw a few bits of weird plasticky looking stuff into a pot of oil and watch them burst into prawn crackers!

So only a few, very rarely. I mean yeah they are bad for her but a few won't kill her. But if the rest of her diet is full of sugars or salts then i wouldn't recommend treating her with anything that wasn't designed for dogs.