What can I use to bathe my dog other than dog shampoo?

Nobody has bought dog shampoo and she's starting to smell really bad. I'm wondering what can I use to bathe her that won't harm her in anyway. Products I have are: Pantene shampoo and conditioner, Dove soap and Vel liquid soap for dishes. Are any of those good? If not, what would you suggest?


Original regular Dawn dish soap. I have used Pantene though... doesn't seem to hurt them. In fact I have a Westie-Poo that I use the conditioner on. Rinsing is the key,make sure they are rinsed well!

ADD: I also use Dawn dish soap (as do a lot of breeders) to get my felines bathed for shows. We also use this on animals that come into the shelter or animals that have contaminants on them.


You can use the DAWN dish washing liquid safely for your pet,just be sure to rinse well.The dawn is used by animal rescue to remove fleas,oil,grease,etc.


You can use regular shampoo that you use for your dog, though keep a good eye on her when you do. Some dogs can be allergic to shampoos and conditioners.

If you see any signs such as: Rash, hair falling out, or constant itching, you'll need to buy an oatmeal treatment shampoo.

Most likely your dog will be fine if you use regular shampoo


Soap wont hurt your pup but drys out their skin and causes allergic hot spots etc... Dawn Dish Soap is always used to treat oil covered animals from oil spills and I have had a Vet recommend it for abandoned puppies too young to flea dip with bad bad fleas.


Mild dish soap is fine, people shampoo is okay too.. Avon bubble bath is great and gentle. I've also used body wash before.. If you read the ingredients in people shampoo and dog shampoo they are the same, but it is better to use things that aren't as harshly scented since they are more likely to irritate the skin. Just make sure to rinse the soap well and don't get any in her eyes. I'd use the dove soap if I were you.. I sometimes use Ivory dishsoap on my dogs it has no scent really and is gentle. Dove is about the same.


You can rinse her off in just water. Or you can spend a few dollars at the grocery store and get dog shampoo.


Pantene would work, just watch the eyes and make sure you get all the soap out of the ears. I prefer baby shampoo on my new one because she's a pup, but I used to use Head N Shoulders once in a while on my Black Lab because she had some dandruff.

I wouldn't use the dish soap as it may be very drying to her skin and the dove will leave residue on her coat.

Good Luck!


Here, check out the following URL:…

They have a variety of dog shampoos that will eliminate the smell. In other words, I suggest getting some kind of dog shampoo and conditioner.

Hope that helps