For girls- the worst crush moment you've ever had for a guy?

That guy that's just been so amazing to you that you're in a different world when you see him? To a point where you're crying and you don't know why?

I think it's funny when my friend freaks out over this one guy, but then she has one day she can always hold against me. So last year, 7th grade, I was in 3rd period, advisory, and trivia team with this one 8th grader that was (and still is) the cutest, sweetest guy I had ever met. I had always had a crush on him, and then this past year he moved on to highschool and was a freshman and had joined a type of glee club. One day, they did a performance at our middle school and I couldn't breathe the whole time. It was my first time actually seeing him dance (I had heard him sing before) and I was just starstruck. I was crying tears of joy and my friend was laughing saying "You're such a dork!" But I was seriously lightheaded and after school was over and everybody left, I was just standing there watching him pack up and hug a couple girls, he walked over the benches and tripped. I just died from his cuteness. Afterwards I forgot to go to my locker and stood out at the front gates reliving the whole performance.

Haha yeah it's horrible, good thing I don't see him everyday.... I will next year though!


Close minded are we?

Guys, like girls, develop crushes too. I think it would be more interesting to listen to a guys point of view. why does it always have to be from your point? Is this helping you in life? thinking on a one-way track?


Hahaha, well I don't have any. I am trying to make a point that questions shouldn't be made directly to one gender. I have helped many friends when they are questioning their periods. I guess they didn't know I live with only females..


Okay, well it's not necessarily the worst moment, but definitely one of the most awkward. Last night I was texting my crush, and long story short he was feeling a little self conscious. He has ms, and he had to lose some muscle tone. He said that he worked really hard to get and keep a six pack, and he is pretty torn up about loosing it. I don't remember how it came to be, but he sent me a picture. It took me like ten minutes to think of something to reply to that after cause holy hell he looked ******* awesome!


To the first answerer: I understand what you're saying but sometimes people assume that one question will be popular with one gender more so than the other. Plus, she is a girl and its easier for her to just ask about liking guys because that's what she's familiar with.

Anyway, hmm, worst moment....when I cried in front of him. He's my friend and did something that made me super upset. It was fine, he cheered me up and we actually became a lot closer after that. Liking someone and eventually loving them makes you do and feel insane things.