I'm worried about my grades...?

When I started high school this year I was an A/B student. But, this entire year I've had a lot of trouble in school in nearly every subject at one point. This was due to me forgetting to hand things in and a lack of organization. About three months ago, I decided to join the school's marching band for the '10-'11 season. I will be a sophomore. I've already started learning my instrument and I'm very associated with the band and can't WAIT to start performing. The problem is, about a month ago, I had a D+ in English because I was getting bad grades on tests. The reason I got the bad grade was because recently I've had a lot of trouble concentrating. My parents told me that if I don't have A's and B's I will be quitting band and transferring schools. So, I thought I was doing good until this morning, upon checking my grades again, I saw that I have three C's, all due to bad test grades. I can't concentrate! So, I have a few questions.

1. How can I concentrate better in school?

2. How can I keep myself more organized?

3. How do I explain these grades to my parents?

4. How do I convince my parents not to give me one last chance in my school for next year?

5. How do I convince my parents to not make me quit band, because band has nothing to do with it?


1. People often underestimate sleep. Sleep is very important for your concentration. Teenagers are supposed to get 10-12 hours of sleep a day, but as long as you get at least 8, you'll probably be fine and concentrating better.

2. Use an agenda. My school requires the use of an agenda, so I'm not sure if you need to use one. But if you write in what homework you have, you will never forget! You can highlight the homework you have already done.

3, 4, and 5. Write an essay, or even just a list. I wrote an essay and 3 lists of reasons why I don't want to go to a dance (think what you will), and then my mom didn't make me go! The impact of going to the trouble of writing an essay will convince your parents how important something is to you, and it reminds them that you have your own thoughts and should have the right to make your own decisions.

Good luck!


one way to stay organized is by using folders, i am very unorganized but folders and assignment notebooks are life savers. If it weren't for those two things my work would never get turned itn.

Explain to your parents about your struggles they might listne.

Also I'm no doctor but sometimes people do get diagnosed with A.D.D or A.D.H.D so your might want to look into that.


1. write down notes on what the teacher says, b/c you have to be focused in order to take the notes. also try asking q's to get more involved.

2. binder reminder/organzier to write down all your assigments and their due dates. have seperate binders for each subject, and maybe even a homework folder

3. tell them you've had trouble concentrating, but that your dedicated to trying harder in the future

4. say you'll get all b's or better in 1 semester, and if you don't then you'll quietly accept your punishment. but if you do, then you get to stay. and maybe ask for a tutor

5. say that band actually helps you de-stress from school work, and looks good for college. plus it teaches you focus and concentration, and is fun in a clean, safe way.

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