Cant Stand my parents anymore.?

Heres the deal:

Im 14, my mum and dad split up when i was born.

I have a 19 year old half brother (who has always lived with his gran)

I have a younger half sister and younger half brother. (were all to different dads)

I live with my mum and her boyfriend.

They both make me feel like commiting tbh.

Everyday is a new thing,

Mum is a uneducated ( 0 GCSE's! ) childish person.

And her boyfriend is horrible to me. he is a mummys boy and whenever something even tiny things dont go his way he yells and storms to his room.

Last night i was talking to my mum about getting a new phone after two years because it is broke she said " I only bought you that phone 2 yrs ago. Now you want a new one. Your wierd.I don't get you." Mums are meant to guide you and teach you lessons but i feel like im raising a todler.

This morning i was eating my breakfast and the boyfriend came in and said "what are you doing" and i simply said " Eating breakfast" to which he had an uproar and said i was horrible.


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Move out. Your more mature than your mother and her childish boyfriend put together -__-


if you really feel they are unfit parents call CPS on them. Or the cops and explain the issue. But that's still extreme try talk to them and be an adult about it. But personally, in your situation. Respect the boyfriend he's still an adult and as for you mom talk to her about this and explain how you feel. Don't down size them or hurt them just explain your upset about this.

As for the phone thing. Cool down about it it's just a phone. I didn't get my own phone till I moved out and paid for my own.


i understand what ur going through

but try not to get angry bec. if u do ur mothers boyfriend is getting what he wants

his goal is to get u out of the house so he can have time with ur mother alone

but dont allow that to happen

you seem mature


You're 14.

That alone tells me that there's obviously more to the story than you're letting on.


I'm assuming you don't know your father? If that was an option you could live there. Perhaps you can tell someone at school, they will put in touch with the right people, but you'll have to be sure that the situation really is untenable because it will not be pleasant at first and you'll end up living somewhere else you might not like for a while.


move out or stay with other members family

or just stay with a friend for a while just until your mum realises how special you are you her


Kido theirs not much you can do until you've turned 16 man..thats when ur legally capable of leaving ur home and moving away from your parents (UK Law, depends where your living) BUT then again you have to consider Who is going to support you? Do you have a job. can you pay for housing, food, clothing, can you pay for all of your household bills? What happens if you get sick and can't work do you expect your Mum and Dad to anti up for you then? What about school, college? Do you own a car? If so who buy's your fuel, insurance, general upkeep etc. This is a drop in the bucket of what it cost to live independant.

Peace ;)


Sounds like typical teen behavior to me. My son is your age and gives me the same responses... and we're thousands of miles from you. It's what they call a universal truth. No matter who or where you are teens go through a period of angst and sarcasm that is generally not tolerated well by adults. It'll pass, you have just 4 more years and you can be on your own. Just lay low and spend more time away from home.