WDYT of these names...?

Elena Anne

(Elena pronounced Uh-lay-nuh / Elaine - uh)

nickname: Ellie

Evelyn Rose

nickname: Eva

Charles Adam

nickname: Charlie

Amelia Grace

nickname: Lia

PS- these are NOT sibsets / for siblings

Please rate out of 10 and comment :):) thanks


Elena Anne` I really like this, its classy and pretty, and Ellie's just cute. I might pick a different middle name though, this one doesn't flow as well as the others.

Evelyn Rose- Evelyn is such a pretty name! I think it just rolls off the tongue. I would use Evie as a nickname though, keeping the first syllable the same.

Charles Adam- I'm not really a fan of Charlie. I would have suggested Chazz before Blades of Glory lol

Amelia Grace- I dont really like the name Amelia, but I suppose it works. As long as the nickname is Lia instead of Amy.

So my favourite is definitely Evelyn Rose. I'd spell it Evelynne though, just cause :)


cute and unique names :D


I love Evelyn Rose.

I like Amelia Grace.

I like the nickname Charlie on a boy but I don't think that Adam flows the best, but the name works.

I dislike Elena Anne. It's too hard to pronounce one after the other because they are similar. My Russian teacher is named Elena and pronounces it YEH-lay-nuh.


evelyn rose 8/10

charles adam 8/10

elena anne-6/10

amelia grace-5/10


Elena Anne


Pretty & not too common, but Anne is filler to me

Elena Noelle?

Evelyn Rose


it's okay, not bad, Rose is filler to me too

Charles Adam


Cute! I would just call him Charles though because I hate the name Charlie

Amelia Grace


Don't like the nickname Lia, personally


Elena Anne - 8/10

Evelyn Rose - 4/10

Charles Adam - 6/10

Amelia Grace - 8/10…


I like the first one.