Can a pregnancy test predict twins early on?

I know for sure I ovulated May 26th. I tested 10dpo and got my first very faint positive. I tested for 5 days in a row to see that it is getting darker since my sister just had a chemical pregnancy and I'm extra nervous now that it could happen to me just as easily. They're all cheap ebay tests for about 30 cents each so I'm not wasting much money. I took a 2 day test break and tested today at 17dpo and the line is soooo much darker than it was, almost as dark as the control line. Is that normal to be that dark at 17dpo? I'm curious if the very quick darkening could mean twins possibly?


No. Pregnancy tests don't have the ability to detect twins. Your HCG levels were lower 7 days ago then they are now...which is a good thing. You want the levels to increase quite quickly in early pregnancy. It means the pregnancy is healthy. A darker line just means you are further along. Twins can only be detected through sonogram and occassionally with a doppler (heartbeats). Some women naturally have higher HCG levels, so they can detect pregnancy earlier. I got a positive at 11 DPO (didn't test at 10) and it is really dark this morning at 15 DPO. A totally normal thing, as my HCG is rapidly rising.


Congrats and Congrats to Liam!

At 3 - 4 weeks ( 21 - 28 dpo ) I went to the ER with cramping and the pregnancy blood test came back at 3150, just one baby.

As the previous poster said, you just don't know until they are able to take a peek in there and see on ultrasound. How dark a home test is or how high a blood pregnancy test is doesn't matter.

Congrats again to both and good luck!


they test the level of the hormone hcg in your body the darker the line the further along in your pregnancy you are and it means your hcg hormone is increasing which is a good sign the only way you will know if you are having twins is to have an ultrasound the test dont have anything to do with that