Have you seen this SHOCKING video about a nanny abusing a baby...?…

wow... makes you wonder how many nannies are like that


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That made me feel sick. The worst of it is that is quite tame compared to what some children go through.


That woman needs to be beaten with a lead pipe. This is horrible.



wow GOD SHOULDA NEVER CREATED THIS WORLD where satan at in it... oh so what everyone gets abused all the way back to noahs ark... and everyones on video stores anyhow....


Oh my gosh! This is horrible! Poor baby! I really wasn't expecting this when I opened the video, the baby is so defenseless. If I was the baby's parent I would have had a heart attact.


That's sick, my daughter's that age and that video has left me in tears. It's beyond my comprehension how anybody can treat a child in that way.

The worst thing is that this is pretty tame compared to what some adults do.


thats why i dont trust anyone but family to watch my children. and that's mainly just my mom and my mother in law, and my step mom and my dad. we no longer live near them anymore so thats why i stopped working.


It is horrible but you would be shocked to see how much it really happens. No amount of background checks will prevent this either if the person was never caught in the past. This is one of the biggest reasons I am a stay at home mom, I am just terrified of a child care person having a bad day and taking it out on my child.


That is so sick, sad and disturbing...that nanny should be in jail the rest of her life! i will NEVER understand how anyone can hurt an innocent child..its so disturbing.