If you had to choose one of these names...?

if you had to choose one boy name and one girl name which would you choose? and please fill in middle names and give opinions on my current name choices! thanks!


1. Piper Adelaide

2. Brier Rose

3. Finleigh Rae


1. Nash _______

2. Axel ________

3. Finn ________


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I love all of these names!

For the Girl I love Piper Adelaide the best

For the Boy I like Axel

Nash Dexter

Axel Nolan

Finn Alder


If I HAD to pick? Finleigh Rae and Finn ____

I honestly am not in favor of any. Piper is cute but won't work well for an adult and I despise Adelaide. Briar Rose is nauseatingly sugary. I dislike Finleigh/Finley/whatever and Rae equally. Nash is also icky, Axel is too 80's rocker, but Finn could be cute.

I have no middle name suggestions.



Piper Adelaide


Finn Jared

Piper Adelaide - Piper is spunky and unique. I wouldn't use it but I see the appeal. Adelaide is a classic, gorgeous choice. An excellent alternative to the overused, masculine Addison.

Brier Rose - While this does have a certain charm to it, I personally wouldn't name my daughter after Sleeping Beauty.

Finleigh Rae - I don't like Finley on a girl, and the spelling doesn't help. Rae is a simple, filler name to me.

Nash Dylan - I'm not a fan of Nash, but Dylan goes nicely with it I think.

Axel Joseph - While Axel is a strong masculine name, it's too trendy for my taste. I think Joseph sounds nice with it.

Finn Jared - Finn is a nice Irish choice, although I'm starting to hear it a lot. It's hard to find a middle name that flows okay, but I think Jared works.


Piper Adelaide

Finn Aleksi

They'd go by their middle names.


brier rose but what about Yecenia Elizabeth

and axel nash


Piper Adelaide, and Elijah Finn.


Piper Adelaide and Finn Matthew =]



1. Piper Adelaide - 9

2. Brier Rose -10

3. Finleigh Rae -9


1. Nash _______ axle

2. Axel ________ rae

3. Finn ________ west