Hi everyone help needed plzzz?x?

for the last three hours i have been having tightening in my belly on and off quite regular no pain just tightenings! i have had this before but just every so often thru the week never this much in so little time ? what could it be ? and i lso have slight pain in my right leg aches a little much advice as possible needed first baby and very nervous x


Firstly...Braxton Hicks are not brought on by dehydration..they are a perfectly natural part of late pregnancy that many women experience.It is quite simply your cervix 'practising' for the birth.Some women find them painless like yourself,others feel slight cramping pains,,either way,all perfectly normal in the later stages like you are.

The leg aches and pains may be attributed to something else entirely...Again,in the later stages your baby will most probably turn 'head down' or 'engaged',(although some babies dont do this until until the actual birth).This is where baby's head becomes 'sat' or 'fixed' in the head down position in your cervix ready for the birth.

Now this alone can cause quite alot aches and pressure that perhaps wasen't there before but this process can also squash or trap the nerves around your lower abdomen and cervix hense pains that can sometimes travel down your entire leg/s.Again,all perfectly normal in late pregnancy,I had these pressure pains real bad with my last pregnancy.

Hang in there,you haven't got long left now..perhaps baby might be planning to put an appearance in a little early like mine did at 37 weeks..and I had been feeling like you just the same?.

Either way,I wish you the best of luck for your remaining pregnancy & the birth! xxx


Those are Braxton hicks and at this stage you will be getting more and more of them.

If they are coming often I would start timing them anyway at the very least it will give you a good indication of what false labor is like and some practice. If they start to hurt and get regular even if at 10 mins apart it has turned to real labor.


Could be braxton hicks or contractions brought on by dehydration. I would try taking a warm bath, or change your position and drink some water and if the tightening doesn't ease up then call your doc.


You may need to go to the doctor. When is your due date?


ring your midwife