Weird period, implantation, miscarriage?

So my period came 5 days before expected on June 4th. On the first day it was lighter then a regular period but not spotting. It was brown and light red. On the 2nd day it was same color but really runny instead of thick had was pretty heavy and had tiny lil blood bubbles (not clots) and then I passed a bigger tissue like clot. After that it got really light for the next 3 days and then spotting last day (June 9th). Well last night I wiped and had pinkish discharge that was like mucus. Could this just be a really weird period? I've never ever had a period so weird in my life! Could it be implantation? We're on our 3rd cycle ttc baby #2. Or is it possible that I was pregnant and had a miscarriage? What are your thoughts?


If you suspect implantation, test. Typically implantation bleeding is very light and does not last more than a day or two (there are some exceptions, however). If your cycles are 28 days, then if that was a miscarriage it would have put you at 4 weeks, but that typically isn't far enough into a pregnancy to see a clot of noticeable size (since the embryo is around the size of a grain of rice, and the yolk sack is maybe the size of a blueberry). Do you have a history of cysts or fibroids? It sounds like it could be a weird period, but with the nausea it could have been implantation or you could be getting sick.


Wow just 2 days ago the same type thing happened to me. There was just a smudge of brownish pink on the tp and this morning I tested and it was a BFP. It would be so neat if you were preggers too! Then both of ours would be about the same age lol. Test and let me know. I had 2 negatives. Once a week ago and then a few days before that. I had to buy an expensive name brand test to get the positive. :)

Oh and I had a miscarriage after 3 months. It was very small. And it was like when I was 3 weeks and I just had an extremely heavy period type thing. I saturated 1-2 tampons/pads an hour. Check with your practitioner.


it does sound like a miscarriage to me since you said you passed a bigger tissue like clot. call your doctor and tell him about it, he might wants to see you as soon as possible.