Breastfeeding: Can a lack of sleep hurt your milk production?

My almost 8 month old daughter is still waking 3-5 times during the night, 6 times the other night! (?) We took her to sleeping school @ 5 months for her sleeping problems, did the whole nine yards, etc.. Anyway, I noticed my breasts are feeling less full the past 2-3 months, was just wondering is this normal, and I don't get a nap/sleep during the day, and with my almost hourly-2 hr wakings I am pretty sleep deprived. I have been taking fenugreek to boost my milk supply and is working a little bit, but was just wondering if a lack of sleep harms your milk supply and is this a culprit of it diminishing? I always had a great supply since day 1 (had engorgement for MONTHS.)



It could be contributing to lowering your milk production...also is your daughter eating some solids? If so, then her daytime feedings have most likely decreased which can also cause a decrease in your milk production. If you are worried, try getting a nap in. Also, make sure that you are staying very hydrated and make sure you pump a couple of times a day as this will help to increase production.

My almost 9 month old still wakes up 1-2 times a night and I am tired, I could not imagine still being on practically a newborn waking schedule at 8 months! Hang in there and please try to give yourself some rest when you can!

ADD: Have you talked to her doctor about this? He/she could have more suggestions/advice for you


I have been told it can. Producing milk burns calories and takes energy, so if you are drained of energy, your body will have more trouble producing milk.

I know how the sleep studies go, we have had to take our son to them. They can be stressful, which can also cause a lack of milk.




Your body needs rest to resupply milk.


From my own experience, when you are feeding regularly the breasts don't feel "full". I don't think you should worry too much. Make sure you are eating properly and drinking plenty of water. If your baby is having plenty of wet nappies then I am sure she is getting enough milk. Try and have naps when possible.


of course, if you are not giving your body what it would normally require like proper sleep or nutrition, your body will have to put more energy into other functions of your body to make up for what it's missing and less time with milk production... if that makes sense


I don't think so, otherwise I think every mom would have low milk production.

(I didn't know there was such a thing has sleeping school, LOL)