Why does my mom adore my son but hate the mother of my child?

I'm not married to the mother of my child but in a relationship with her most of my friends hate the fact that I'm with her but they all adore my 2 months old son I mean adore like crazy. They all hate my mother child because of problems in High school and just they don't like her but with my son they treat my son like gold the day he was born the whole family and all my friends bought him something and took a million pics if him. My mom love her grandson like if he was me her son lol I mean she pays more attention to him now then me I don't mind but she has hated his mother since high school. Can somebody explain how they can hate somebody but adore a little person that came out of her?


Crazy isn't it? I don't know.

And prolly not the best person to ask, MY mother in law shoved me out of my sister in law's wedding photos when it was supposed to be the whole family. And I AM married to her son, AND i was pregnant at the time! So then i'm like wtf? I haven't even done anything for them to not like me. I think they just have a different idea of what family is than what i do.

It is my husband's job to make sure they treat me right. Just like it is your job to make sure they treat the mother of your child right.


That's pretty normal. She is related to the grandchild and can help raise it to believe as she does but she really can't control the mother who is already an adult and has her own ideas.

The child is part of you and part of her, the child's mother is just some woman.


Because her grandson reminds her of you when you were a baby or something... And plus that's just how it is sometimes with the in laws... daughter in law n mother in law on get along well sometimes... I'm glad my mother in law loves me like her own daughter... But I think it will takes time hopefully... good luck...


They are two different people. Just because she gave birth doesn't make her automatically liked.


Been there. Done that. I would give my life for my 2 year old granddaughter, but can't stand her father. The baby didn't pick who her father was. You can't hate a child because their parent is an a**. The baby is your's. That's all your family sees.


Your child is a part of you and for that reason your mother will love it unconditionally despite the fact that she dislikes his mother. It is not the child's fault who his mother is and therefore she feels no need to take it on him.


Because your son has your blood. He is a part of you. And since they like you, they like your son. Your girlfriend, on the other hand, is not related to you at all. There are some bonds that are only active through blood ties.