Mom of Twins: Do your babies share a crib?

My husband and I decided on keeping the twins together up until their 6 months. Their more comfortable together because they've been in the womb together for so long. What are your room arrangements?


I don't have twins (I wish I did :)) But if I did, I would keep them in the crib together until it seemed like it wouldn't be safe anymore. I'm sure they like being together after spending 9 months so close. I think it would be mean to separate them! Congrats!


No they should not share a crib or any tight areas.


my sisters twins were 6 months on the 22nd and they slept in the same crib till about a month ago. they had to seperate them because they would mess with each other (pull hair, hit at, and just kinda aggrivate) and wake each other up, lol.


For their first 8 months (they were very tiny when I brought them home, born premature) they shared a crib. I put them in at opposite ends, and all worked out well. I did this because my husband was at war, and I was staying with my family while he was away. I used a borrowed (but very nice) crib, and my bed was only a few feet away. Now they are 10 months old, and are in seperate cribs. There was never an issue of one waking the other until they were around 7 months or so and one would wake up before the other one and start messing with her sister LOL, or on a rare occasion when they were very tiny and one would scootch around and end up down by her sister. It worked out very well for us. Congrats on the twins!


I dont have twins myself, but if I did I would keep them together for sure


Awww thank you! So are your twins!

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