Are naps in the middle of the day bad for you?

So, sometimes i get dizzy in the middle of a day, and I get a little sleepy, so i take about a 30min-1hr nap. Is it bad for you? what does it do to your body? and If it is good tell me about it. And i'm not that old, i'm a pre-teen.


Studies have shown that taking naps during the day are a way of getting "power charged" because your body gains even more energy than sleeping at night. Naps will "refresh" your body and make you live longer! Plus, if you get dizzy and sleepy, that's your body's way of letting you know you need a siesta. So, sleep on!


diabetes causes dizziness and fatigue, avoid sugar.

naps are not bad.


That kind of nap is. You should either take a less than 30m nap (power nap) or greater than 1.5 hour nap (complete sleep cycle).

A nap between 30m and 1.5h makes you wake up in the middle of a sleep cycle, without having gone through one. This makes you worse off.

Less than 30m is rest, not deep sleep, 1.5h is a complete cycle.


I never use to take naps when I was young. i use to hate it bcuz i always woke up feeling drowsy and like i missed a whole day. But if you need the nap then it just means your body is tired.. I don't think its bad at all


Naps are so good for you, they recharge your batteries, relax you muscles and your mind. The fact that you HAVE to take a nap might be a cause for concern but sleeping in the middle of the day is good for you. Thats why babies do it.


If your body is tired than it needs sleep. Sleep is good for you. If you're tired in the middle of the day, than it means you're tired.


If you feel dizzy, a nap is the best thing. It's only bad if you're sleeping all day and are awake all night. That is, unless you work all one of those all-night jobs.


20 min = 4 hrs at night