Baby being swaddled at night?

My 5 month old baby loves to be swaddled when he sleeps, but it's too hot for that now. I wanted to break him of being swaddled because he get's too hot. But I'm not having any luck. How should I start putting him to bed without being swaddled? Any advice would be awesome.


I have a 5-month-old, too. He has sort of weaned himself of the swaddler by working his way out of it. It used to be that we'd put him in it and it would stay on all night. If he worked his way out of it, he would wake up. Then about a month ago, he had to be swaddled to fall asleep, but once he had fallen asleep, he could work his way out in the middle of the night and stay asleep unswaddled. Now we can't really swaddle him, as he gets out immediately, but he has learned to fall asleep without the swaddler on. We do still use it, but we swaddle him under his arms so his arms are free. It's sort of like a safer way of covering him with a blanket (because the blanket can't work its way up over his head). Occasionally, when he has a hard time falling asleep, we do put him in his bassinet and gently hold his arms down at his side (to mimic what a swaddler would do) and that helps him fall asleep in just a couple minutes. Once he is asleep, we can let go and he stays asleep.

A friend of mine weaned her son of the swaddler by first putting him to bed with the left arm unswaddled for a few nights. Then she put him to bed with just the right arm unswaddled for a few nights. Then she put him to bed with both arms unswaddled (but legs still in swaddler). And now she puts him to bed with no swaddler. It seems to have worked for her.

I strongly recommend the Aden and Anais muslin swaddling blankets if you are swaddling in hot weather. They are very lightweight and breathable. If you keep your air conditioning on during the day or windows open at night (so the house is in the low 70's Fahrenheit), then it's not really too hot to swaddle. Just put the baby to bed in a diaper or onesie and wrap with the lightweight swaddler. Our son currently sleeps in a short-sleeved onesie and is swaddled from the armpits down with one of the Aden and Anais swaddling blankets.…

Good luck, and I hope this helps!


why break him of a habit that is pleasant for him? use AC or a fan in the home. invest in light blankets made from natural fibers & relax. he's old enough to start drinking water from a cup -this is great for keeping your body cool, too.


Just ease him out of it every second lay down if you stop all at once he will get disruptive just slowly introduce loose fitting bedding thats safe no tigh fitting clothes till he gets used to it. Good luck like Dani said its a comfort thing


Try swaddling him with a sheet. You could cut one into smaller size ones to be more the size of a swaddling blanket, but it wouldn't be nearly as hot as a blanket. That way he can still be swaddled but not get too hot!


Start swaddling your baby in just a diaper and a light blanket is about all you can do.

5 months is really late to still be swaddled though... it's time to break that habit.

I don't know what's up with Valerie's answers but she needs to find a section she's more knowledgeable in.


Start during the day and have him cry himself to sleep during nap times. He'll get used to it eventually. Good luck:)


My daughter is 5 mos old now too, she adored being swaddled but at about 3 mos old I stopped because she was starting to roll over and when she wasn't swaddled the only way she would sleep was on her tummy.

It took a few rough nights to break her of the habit of being swaddled, but its a blessing, she sleeps much better and she can roll over and back again no problem. Its definitely a comfort thing, its cocooning them.


beats me...I did the same and my now 30 year old son still wraps up like a burrito...his girlfriend has to have her own covers. in the summer he just uses a sheet, but still does fault