Im hopping to be pregnant?

well i had sex with my boyfriend on the 18th and 19th a couple of days later i was experiencing some lite cramping on and off headaches on and off and feeling a lil sick and dizzy but all of this has gone away all accept feeling sick i am exactly 8 dpo could i be expecting


You could be. It's just to early to test. So just try to relax and enjoy the next couple of weeks or how ever long till you expect your period to start and see if it starts. I wish you luck!


People are stupid. Don't listen to the ignorant ones. Such as "riley" and "doorhing". It sounds like you could be. Go get a test, from walmart or a pharmacy, or even a dollar store. Or you could go to your nearest health department, and get a test taken. I wish you the best! (:


I wish you would learn how to spell the word "hoping" before hopping into bed again. Or are you really just "hopping" to get pregnant?


i think you are pregnant good luck!


why would you want to get pregnant if your NOT married? umm.. wow