Do you like these names?

I'm not pregnant. I just really like Paul Alexander. When I have kids I want 3- 2 boys 1 girl. I would name them Paul Alexander, Ivy Antoinette and George (no middle name yet) what do you think? and what are names you like. I like simple names with a long middle name. :)


Paul Alexander- Not big on the first name, but it sounds really nice with Alexander. I have Alexander on my name list as a middle name for Finn (not suggesting you change anything by the way.) It's a very traditional name though and it's not too common so that's always nice. I only know one Paul.

Ivy Antoinette- Ivy is becoming a very trendy name and anytime somebody brings up that name, I think of poisin Ivy. I met a girl named Ivy once and she said that her whole life everybody called her "poisin ivy". If you can see past that, it's a nice name though. I just can't do that though. Antoinette is nice. I like it as a middle name. I hate it when people name their child something nobody can spell.

George- I've never really liked George. I don't know why, too common and old fashioned maybe, but I've just never liked it. In my opinon, George is just one of those names that are so plain and common, but nobody really has if you know what I mean. Like Bob. I wouldn't name my child that personally, but if you like it, GO FOR IT! It depends on the middle name too. A good middle name can make a name. I can't think of any right now, but I'll come back and edit if anything hits me.


Great- let them eat cake!~

Seriously, Ivy is great though...


I love Ivy Antoinette. George is cute too.


Alexander is the only name you mentioned that I like.


I like those names. I am more into different first name, but not crazy and more simple middle names. I like Hunter Anthony, Miles David, and Max George. For George I think a good middle name that would go with it would be Federick or Benjamin.


I like Ivy Antoinette... very pretty


i think there cute and sound sophisticated i like the simple name long middle theme