2cm dilated when will it be time?

i have been 2cm dilated for about a week when will i go into labor? i also have had some contractions but nothing continuous.


Unfortunately dilation doesn't give any indication if labor is near. Some women dilate fast over a few hours and some dilate slowly over several weeks. I don't know why they even bother checking it. I'm in Australia and our docs don't. It doesn't indicate anything. How many weeks are you? If it's your first you'll more then likely make it until your due date.


i was induced being 2 cm dilated =).... dont know why i was 39 weeks my doctor said i was ready so i went with it! but who knows you could be like that for weeks or from 0 - 10 in hrs


Lots of women are dilated for weeks before they deliver. Very common. It's common to have contractions too. When your water breaks or you have regular contractions, then it's time.


It can still take some time till things will get going. I can imagine it must be hard having to wait patiently but your baby will come.


Tonight, tomorrow, in a couple of weeks..... You could walk around like that until they have to induce you. Seriously, there is no way of knowing when you'll go into full blown labor. It's an unpredictable thing, unfortunately.


Labor is unpredictable