Why cant my 10 year old retain and follow direction?

My 10 year old has had this problem for most of her life. An example..if I tell my daughter to put 4 hot dogs in the pot to boil, she put 2 hot dogs in the pot instead, its like what im saying she cant remember almost instantly. I tell her on a daily basis to put on deoderant after taking a shower even within an hour of showering and she will not do it, she forgets easily and does what she thinks she heard, its like something is not connecting in her brain. I had a talk with her teacher and he said shes very smart but applying what she knows is the difficult part. Can someone tell me what this could be and how I can help her fix it? Its pretty frustrating..when she was younger she had to see a speech therapist to learn how to put words together to say a sentence that made sense. Please help!

My daughter is a good girl overall, shes not rude or anything


A couple of things that might help:

When you give her directions, have her repeat them back to you. She may be thinking other things in her head, and need the extra connection to really *hear* you.

With routine things, use a laminated check list. Be detailed, but sensible. Put a chart next to the bathroom door with check-off boxes for things like: wash hair, wash body, dry off, towel on hook, deoderant on, dirty clothes out, and put a dry-erase marker right with the chart, for her to check off each step. Eventually, the tasks will become routine. And if she's forgetting things, you can ask her, "Did you check off each thing on the chart?"

Given the problems she had with ordering language, I'll bet there's a processing error going on in her brain. It's not a *fault*... it's just her brain and the way it works. Using strategies like teaching active listening, checklists, and "Simon Says" type games can help her learn to work within her brain's natural functioning, and also train her mind to accomplish new patterns.


My kid has always been like that too! It drives me NUTS! I suspect she's got a case of ADHD or something but since I have no interest in putting her on drugs, I've never pursued it further.


I don't know, I kind of have this problem, but it's more with listening. Maybe you should book an appt. w/ her dr. That's the best thing you could do at this moment. Best of luck to you!


perhaps he has aspergers sydrome...