How long after you had your baby did you wait...?

to make love with your husband. It has been about 7 1/2 weeks since I gave birth to our daughter. My husband is definitely ready. It has been about 2 months since we have done it. How long did you wait? Did you tear during labor? Did you still have some kind of discharge?

Sorry if TMI, but I am a first time mom and not sure. I have had my 6 week post partum check up and everything was fine. I wasn't ''bleeding" anymore, but had some discharge and still do a little that is like a light color. Not any color close to blood or old blood. And I spotted a little tiny bit after my pap.

So how long did you guys wait to make love? Was it uncomfortable? And also were you breastfeeding, because I am and was that a problem when you did it, such as leakage?



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My son is three months old.

I grazed but didnt tear requiring stitches. I was told to wait until the six week appointment by my midwife (which was absolutely fine with me!).

We didnt have sex until my son was eight weeks old. Im breast feeding and found i was alot drier than normal, so make sure you have lubricant on hand.

We havent had sex whilst im naked, i always wear a top and my maternity bra (and breast pads) so that i dont get any leakage.

I wasnt bleeding but had a tiny bit of discharge.

It was a little uncomfortable but i made sure we took it slow.

Its also a mental thing- if your tense your body is going to tense up too.

Explain your concerns to your husband and make sure he respects you and doesnt rush into it if your not comfortable.

Do your kegels to tone up the region too!

Personally i feel like its the same now as it was before my baby came along.

Good luck


We waited about 8 weeks and I had a 3rd degree tear. I was completely healed at 8 weeks but it was sore and hurt the first few months.. Not bad pain but more uncomfortable. Once we got going it didnt hurt as bad, just when we first started.


I waited 3 months to be intimate with my husband. I was just not ready!


We wait 5 weeks. Doctors told us to wait at least 6 weeks but its just happened. I have a c-section so i didn't tear but got a horrible and pain scar. I don't have any kid of discharge or spot after sex.


We waited 5 weeks after my first son. I tore during delivery and it was quite uncomfortable when we tried. We actually stopped and waited a few days to try again. I didn't have any discharge at that point. And i had already been to my doc and she gave the go ahead. I was breastfeeding but I didn't have any problem with that.

With my second son, we waited 3 1/2 weeks. I didn't tear this time around. I guess you could say I was still spotting (for lack of a better word). But it was very very little. I mean, I barely even needed a pantyliner. I had my checkup at 4 weeks and got the official go ahead at that point. It wasn't uncomfortable at all. And again, I was breastfeeding but no problems with leakage.


I waited 6 weeks. We had sex the same day as my 6 week check up. I was discharging a little bit but not blood or anything. It wasn't uncomfortable but I was nervous that it would hurt since I ripped during labor. We just took it slow and I got into it. Yes I breastfed and I did start to leak the more aroused I got and I leaked every time after that until my son was about a year. My husband didn't mind at all. Just take it slow and use lube if your nervous since you'll more than likely be dry cause of your nerves. Good luck.


I think it was the night of my six week check up. I did tear during childbirth and had to get stitches. It did and still does burn where the line scar is but not bad enough to bother me. I was breastfeeding then and my husband said he felt a little leakage but not much and I didn't notice but I do remember leaving my bra on a few times.


I am almost 21 and I have two kids,both girls. My boyfriend, of four years, and I waited till after my 6 week check up. I was nursing with both girls and I wore a sports bra so that way there was no leaking. When we made love it was a uncomfortable emotionally for me. I was more worried about the baby waking up or something else happening. I think that if you are ready to make love then do it! When I was giving birth I tore with both of my children but the stitches were all gone by my 6 weeks.