I want a 3rd child but my husband don't.?

we just got married 3 month ago we had are two kids when we wasn't married. I want a child in are married. What do you think


Forcing a man to have a baby when he doesn't want one is just as bad as him trying to force you to have an abortion. Both partners should get a say. You're been married three months, give it some time.

As to sabotaging condoms? The only thing you'll sabotage there is your marriage. Don't do it.


I think children arent the type of thing you should decide for on a whim, give him a while to think the idea over and give yourself sometime to think it through as well


Sabotage Condoms


If he doesn't want a baby, he doesn't want a baby, and you shouldn't try to force one on him. An unwanted child could hurt your marriage.


I think you should give him time to possibly change his mind. Don't pressure him or it'll just push him away.