When to test for pregnancy? Is it different if you have....?

a long cycle but regular periods.

My cycle on average is 35 days but my periods are regular.

I am thinking i am pregnant but was wondering if you had to wait a little longer to test because of the longer cycle, i am 7 days late..Is that too early to test with my length of cycle or do i test like normal as if i have a 28 day cycle?

Thank you for any answers!


not it's not too early. Because i would be assuming you still ovulate in the midle of your cycle which would be at least 16 or so days ago. It shoudl test positive if you are.


Most test these days are very sensitive. I used a digital test and found out days before my period was even due.


no it not to early to take a test good luck


No it's not too early, you should test now.